Doukhrana – Commemoration of St. George (Mar Gewargis Sahda)

Date: Sunday, October 28, 2019  10:00 AM PST

Location: St. Paul Assyrian Church of The East

St. George

Saint George (Syriac: Gewargis, Greek: Georgios; Latin: Georgius; AD 275–281 to 23 April 303) was a soldier in the Roman army who later became venerated as a Christian martyr. His parents were Christians of Greek background; his father Gerontius (Anastasius) was a Roman army official from Cappadocia and his mother Polychronia (Theobaste) was a Christian from Lydda in the Roman province of Palestine. Saint George became an officer in the Roman army in the Guard of Diocletian, who ordered his death for failing to recant his Christian faith.  In hagiography, Saint George is one of the most venerated saints in the Church of the East, Catholic Church (Latin and Eastern), Anglican, Orthodox, East Syrian Churches. He is immortalized in the story of Saint George and the Dragon and is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.

Please join us to celebrate the Dokhrana (commemoration of St. George). Following the Holy Mass we will partake in the Dokhrana that will be prepared by our wonderful Ladies Auxiliary.